Call and SMS Rates Overview

Here are some of the important points around our pricing:

  • All prices are in US Dollars, unless otherwise specified differently.
  • Zeepo is a Pay-Per-Use platform. Instead of adding the text & calling fees to the monthly subscription we made it where you are only charged for the text and call fees based upon how much you utilize the system.
  • For every number added to your account a monthly fee of $1.05 will be charged.
  • Pay-Per-Minute Calling For every call, you will charged per minute as per our calling rates. Please view our price-list above.
  • Pay-Per-SMS, 1 SMS implies 1 segment. 1 Segment = 160 characters. For example, if you send a 200 characters message it will be accounted as a 2-segment message. Please view our detailed price-list above.

Have Questions about Zeepo? Check out these FAQs

Is there a free trial with Zeepo?

Yes. There’s a 5-day trial period. We will setup your Verified Producer site & you will gain access to all of the features Zeepo has to offer. If you do decide to text, call or email from the system you may be charged for the usage during your trial period.

How long does Zeepo take to activate?

Your account is activated the moment you start your free trial. You can start making calls, sending text messages and using other features once you activated your Phone Number & an active card is on file.

Do you setup the verified producer page for me?

Yes! We set everything up for you in regard to your Verified Producer page. When you register for an account you will get an email of the information needed to complete the site and once we receive that we will have it completed within 24-48 hours.

Are there any charges that could occur during my trial period?

If you decide to send text messages or make phone calls you will be charged on a pay-per-use basis. Please see pricing above for details.

What is the difference between Starter vs. Top Producer plans?

The biggest difference with the Top Producer plan is that you get your own dedicated lead specialist. They handle everything A-Z for you from custom built campaigns, lead uploading, CRM organization & overall pipeline management. You gain access to features prior to them being released as well! If you need anything custom within your account - contact your rep and we will discuss internally if we are able to make it happen for you. If so, there is no additional charge to do so.

Can I use Zeepo on my phone?

Yes. Zeepo enables you to use your smartphone on the go. All user plans have access to our mobile app via the iOS or Android app store. Please see the button of our home page for the links to our mobile app. You can use the app to call, text or email leads along with managing your pipeline and more. ⁠

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