Pricing Breaking

Zeepo provides several convenient payment options.

Please see the two main options below:

For usage of the Zeepo platform, you will be billed $97.00/monthly for the Agent plan or $197/monthly for the Top Producer plan. This is a month-to-month contract with the option to cancel at any time. No contracts or penalty fees for cancellation.

Zeepo works on a PAY AS YOU GO, MODEL


Once you sign up for your Zeepo account usage, you will have a FIVE DAY FREE TRIAL PERIOD. You will notice that there will be a proof of funds and verification pending charge on your account. When you sign up for your Zeepo account, you will be asked to use a valid form of payment which will automatically become the card on file that you use for our platform. Whatever card you list as the primary tender for your Zeepo account will show a pending charge when you sign up. We do this to verify that you have sufficient funds in the account, however, the pending charge will be released instantly upon verification. This means that you will not be charged the $97 subscription fee during your trial period. We do this for security purposes. When your five-day trial comes to an end, you will be billed based on the payment plan you select when you sign up for your account. Refer to the billing options mentioned above.

If you are not satisfied with the platform after five days, please make sure to cancel before your trial comes to an end if you wish to avoid any service charges that will automatically incur when the trial comes to an end.

When you sign up for an account with Zeepo, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that hold you accountable for managing your payment options, subscriptions, and any card tender that you select to have on file. You will be responsible for self-managing your account, and should you desire to change and update your payment information, or cancel at any time, you can do so by logging in to your account setting with the e-mail and log-in credentials you used to sign up for your Zeepo account.

IF ACTIVATED PLEASE NOTE THAT ANYTIME YOU MAKE AN SMS/CALL, you may find additional Fees listed below:

Upon activation of your Zeepo account, we have provided our members with $5 in credits that will be renewed on a monthly basis. This means that you will be given $5 a month which will automatically go toward your first few calls, text messages and/or emails that you send out on a your account phone number or email that you select to activate via your Zeepo account.

If you exceed the $5 worth of credits that we allot to each account on a monthly basis, you will notice an estimated charge of $5 worth of credits that will appear once you’ve utilized the credit limit that we provide. The estimated charge of $5 will automatically be allocated toward SMS, email, call and Phone number credits.

For every custom phone number that you use, there will be $1.05 of credits/monthly. Each time you send a text message with 160-characters or more, a text message this size is estimated to utilize $0.0079 of your balance. (An SMS/Text message is defined by each group of 160 character segments (including spaces) of text.)

Any time that you wish to manage your payment options or view the balance on your account, you can do so in your 'Settings > Company Billing'.

The charges of the text/email/call billing cycle have been set up as such for your convenience. This means that (you will not get charged for every individual text or call that you make) Once you have utilized the credited amount that you receive monthly, you will notice that your remaining credit balance will slowly decrease as you further continue sending texts and making calls via our platform.

You are able to increase your credit limit threshold at anytime under your Company Billing tab within your settings.

The threshold is set to recharge your card when text/call credits get below $5 of credits remaining. When you hit this threshold auto-recharge and purchase of the specified amount of dollars of credits will be loaded back onto your account.

When an account threshold balance is applied, the credit amount is non-refundable once applied to an account balance.

It is the user's responsibility to pause any active campaigns to "draft" mode to stop any remaining campaigns from sending to prevent additional charges.

Charge balance can be delayed up to 24 hours, your shown balance may have additional charges still pending from texts/emails that were already sent and you will have additional charges if you have an unpaid remaining balance after account cancellation.

Pricing will occur as follows:


$0.065 per Contact Phone Number



$10 is estimated to give you approximately 735 calls


Charged to Customer:$0.0089/min

$10 is estimated to give you approximately: 1125 calls


Charged to Customer: $0.0079/ segment

$10 is estimated to give you approximately: 1265 segments

Modifying these settings will change the cost incurred by your clients moving forward. Please do not modify these settings if you are not sure what the effect will be on your account. These settings will apply to any new clients moving forward.


WHAT THEY ARE: (Create the exact calling experience you need with intelligent APIs to control and monitor calls.)

OUTGOING CALLS (Calls you Make):$0.0136/min

INBOUND CALLS (Calls you Receive): $0.0089/min


WHAT THEY ARE: (Calls that are free for customers, making them more practical for your business)

OUTGOING CALLS (Calls you Make): $0.0130/ min

INBOUND CALLS (Calls You Receive): $0.0220/min


WHAT THEY ARE: (Calls that are free for customers, making them more practical for your business)

OUTGOING CALLS (Calls you Make): $0.0136/ min

INBOUND CALLS (Calls You Receive): $0.0220/min

The following pricing pertains to your SMS/ text messaging breakdown. This is for 160 Characters of the text segment. Please keep in mind that some text messages have longer paragraphs which will be multiple segments. Additionally, campaigns send multiple texts typically over a period of time.


TO SEND: $0.0079

TO RECIEVE: $0.0075


TO SEND: $0.0079

TO RECIEVE: $0.0075


TO SEND: $0.0079

TO RECIEVE: $0.0075


TO SEND: $0.0200

TO RECIEVE: $0.0100


TO SEND: $0.0200

TO RECIEVE: $0.0200



If the payment option that you select to utilize/ your card on file declines for any reason, continued usage of the Zeepo platform will be restricted. Once your debt is resolved and/or your account card information is updated with a valid form of payment that has sufficient funds, you will be granted access to the Zeepo platform with full use of the features. Please understand that if the debt on your account is not resolved within 7 days, the account will automatically be canceled. This will mean that we will no longer carry a record with your data, edits, conversation threads, phone numbers, and all other relative information pertaining to your account. This will be a permanent result, and if you wish to have further utilization, it will result in a new account set-up where you will not regain access to this information because our system will not have access to it either.

Any and all remaining credit balance is non-refundable if your account goes delinquent. Once again, this is user's responsibility.

The Zeepo account provides you with full control, and we are fully transparent about our pay-per use fees, charges, and transactions. All this information is viewable & accessible through your account dashboard.

The current cap is 3,000 SMS Segments per day. However, we do not recommend to max your daily limit. If you have concerns and or questions in regard to your daily limit please reach out to support at

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our pricing.

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